Best Belay Glasses 2024

Every year more and more belay glasses as well as other climbing products come on the market. We rate all of them and try all of them too.

A Comprehensive List Reviewed by Passionate Experts

By: Anthony Revez

If you’re a rock climber, you know how important it is to have a good belay partner. However, constantly looking up at your climber can put a strain on your neck, leading to fatigue and potential injury. That’s where belay glasses come in. These specialized glasses allow you to watch your climber without tilting your head back, making belaying more comfortable and safer. In this article, we’ll dive into how belay glasses work.

Photo: Antolly Gelb

Using Belay Glasses

Using belay glasses is simple. Just put them on like you would any other pair of glasses and adjust them for a comfortable fit. When your climber starts climbing, look up through the lenses to watch their progress. You’ll be able to see them clearly without straining your neck or tilting your head back.

It may take some time to get used to the altered perspective provided by belay glasses. Some climbers find that the glasses make distances appear slightly different than they are used to. However, most climbers quickly adapt to the glasses and find that they greatly improve their belaying experience.

All About Belay Glasses

The Science Behind Belay Glasses

Belay glasses use prismatic lenses to change the direction of light entering your eyes. The lenses are angled to redirect your line of sight upward, allowing you to see your climber without tilting your head back. This means you can maintain a neutral neck position while belaying, reducing strain and fatigue.

About Belay Glass Lenses

The lenses in belay glasses are made of high-quality optical glass or plastic. They are precisely cut and positioned to provide a clear, distortion-free view of your climber. Some belay glasses also have anti-reflective coatings to reduce glare and improve clarity.

Comfort and Fit

Belay glasses are designed to be worn for extended periods, so comfort is key. Most belay glasses have adjustable nose pads and temple arms to ensure a secure and comfortable fit. Some models also have rubber grips on the temple arms to keep the glasses in place during active belaying.

Overall Fit

It’s important to choose belay glasses that fit well and feel comfortable on your face. Look for glasses with padded nose pads and temple arms that don’t put too much pressure on your ears or nose. Some models are also available in different sizes to accommodate different face shapes and sizes.

1. Y&Y Vertical Belay Glasses


The Y&Y Vertical Belay Glasses are a popular choice among climbers. They feature a unique design that allows you to see your climber without tilting your head back. The glasses are lightweight, comfortable, and come with a sturdy case for protection. The lenses are also replaceable, making them a long-lasting investment.

Our Rating

10 out of 10

2. Metolius Upshot Belay Glasses


The Metolius Upshot Belay Glasses are another excellent option. They have a sleek, low-profile design that sits comfortably on your nose. The glasses provide a clear view of your climber and have an adjustable cord to keep them secure. They also come with a microfiber bag for storage and cleaning.

Our Rating

10 out of 10

3. Belaggles Belay Glasses


Belaggles Belay Glasses are a new player in the market but have quickly gained popularity. They have a unique flip-up design that allows you to switch between belaying and regular vision. The glasses are lightweight and have a comfortable nose pad. They also come with a hard case and a microfiber bag.

Our Rating

10 out of 10

4. Crushies Belay Glasses


Crushies Belay Glasses are a budget-friendly option that doesn’t sacrifice quality. They have a simple design with a durable frame and clear lenses. The glasses come with a neck strap and a microfiber bag for storage. They may not have all the bells and whistles of other brands, but they get the job done.

Our Rating

10 out of 10

5. Plasfun Belay Glasses


Plasfun Belay Glasses are another affordable option. They have a unique design with a wide field of view and a comfortable nose pad. The glasses are lightweight and come with a neck strap and a microfiber bag. They may not be as durable as other brands, but they are an excellent choice for occasional use.

Our Rating

10 out of 10

When choosing belay glasses, consider factors such as comfort, durability, and price. It’s also a good idea to try on different brands to find the best fit for your face shape and personal preference.

In conclusion, belay glasses are a valuable tool for any rock climber. They reduce neck strain and fatigue, allowing you to belay your partner more comfortably and safely. Whether you choose Y&Y Vertical, Metolius Upshot, Belaggles, Crushies, or Plasfun, investing in a good pair of belay glasses can greatly improve your climbing experience.

Here is a comprehensive list of belay glasses currently available on the market:

  1. Y&Y Vertical

   – Y&Y Vertical Classic

   – Y&Y Vertical Plasfun

   – Y&Y Vertical Colorful

   – Y&Y Vertical Scalare

  1. Metolius

   – Metolius Upshot

   – Metolius Upshot Mini

  1. Belaggles

   – Belaggles Classic

   – Belaggles Premium

   – Belaggles Sport

   – Belaggles Urban

  1. Crushies

   – Crushies Classic

   – Crushies Mini

  1. Plasfun

   – Plasfun Everest

   – Plasfun Eiger

   – Plasfun Whitney

  1. Climbing Knots

   – Climbing Knots Belay Glasses

  1. Xero

   – Xero Prism Belay Glasses

  1. Fusion Climb

   – Fusion Climb Trance

  1. Vell-do

   – Vell-do Belay Glasses

  1. CU Belay Glasses

    – CU Classic

    – CU Premium

  1. Rock Gym Pro

    – Rock Gym Pro Belay Glasses

  1. CT Climbing

    – CT Climbing Belay Glasses

  1. Ushake

    – Ushake Belay Glasses

  1. Vokka Sports

    – Vokka Sports Belay Glasses

  1. Pellor

    – Pellor Belay Glasses

  1. Blackleaf

    – Blackleaf Belay Glasses


    – MEKNIC Belay Glasses

  1. Saibit

    – Saibit Belay Glasses

  1. Booms

    – Booms Belay Glasses

  1. Bealies

    – Bealies Belay Glasses

Please note that this list includes the main brands and their popular models. Some brands may have additional or limited-edition models not mentioned here. Additionally, new brands and models may emerge in the future, so it’s always a good idea to research and compare the latest options when shopping for belay glasses.

I hope this comprehensive list of belay glasses helps you explore the various options available and find the perfect pair for your climbing needs. Remember to consider factors like comfort, fit, durability, and clarity when making your decision. Happy climbing and safe belaying!


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