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How we render small crags with the Next Ascent App

Pretty much anyone with an iPhone and some Android phones can render a crag or boulders into an interactive 3D guidebook with the new version of the Next Ascent app.  We’ve been working on 3D areas since 2016 but just released a new software update that alows any climber registered in our beta contributor program to render right in the Next Ascent platform. We origionally thought we would just release the platform to anyone with the app, but as you know we provide comprehensive, authored guides which is what makes us different from user-generated apps. 

One cool thing about this tiny crag/bouldering wall in Scranton is that it only took a few minutes to scan the entire thing.  We used a new-ish iPhone on a tall mono-pod and were able to easily access the top to also scan down on the wall.  Interesting enough we are also able to do larger crags with the same method using just a camera and no drone.  Up until recent software upates you needed a drone to capture larger cliffs and boulders but now we can do this with really basic camera equiptment and the Next Ascent platform.  We are still mostly focusing on getting high-quality static images for most of our topos but plan to get as many sub-sections of our guidebooks rendered into 3D topos as soon as our authors can get out and scan. 

Our New Gunks App in 3D!

We started in 2022 with the first model of the Nears for the Next Ascent Guidebook app. This winter we were able to render the entire crag as one comprehensive model which is a pretty exciting thing for us.  We plan to gradually add each route into the app.

Gunks Example

A Preview Of The App

Here is a short tour of the our app with a 3D boulder we rendered with an iPhone 12. The boulder had to be climbed for the render as it’s pretty tall but you get the idea. Making boulders is super fun so far. Once our authors get out we will have more and more topos to add.

Bouldering Tour

Out Scaning an area

Here is an example of how easy it is to scan and make topos with Next Ascent. This one will need to b touched up a bit and have the tiny blobs removed but after touch-up we will create a topo to add to our existing guidebook data and let climbers choose between a regular photo topo or a 3D topo.


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