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Next Ascent App Redesign 

The Next Ascent App

Next Ascent Version 3 Now Available!

Introducing the new Next Ascent app, the new rock climbing app that brings the guidebook experience into the digital age. This innovative app offers a vast library of interactive guidebooks for climbers to download directly to their smartphones, providing instant access to detailed information about climbing routes, difficulty ratings, and local crag beta. With high-resolution photos, 3D maps, select 3D topos of crags, and fully authored guidest, Next Ascent makes it easier than ever for climbers to plan their next adventure. The app’s intuitive interface allows users to filter routes based on grades, preferred climbing style, and location, ensuring that they find the perfect climb every time.

We will also be ntroducing “Crag Companion,” from Next Ascent. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a beginner just starting out, Crag Companion is the ultimate tool for exploring new crags, connecting with the climbing community, and taking your climbing experience to new heights.

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The Next Ascent app offers a comprehensive library of climbing and bouldering guidebooks for all over the US. The app works completely offline, has offline maps, GPS, directions, full route descriptions, interactive toops for every climb and boulder problem, rote logging, and much more.

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